Have you heard about Twitter? And  have you heard about successful marketing on Twitter? Lots of dominant company already expanding their marketing strategy by using this new micro-blogging technique. Twitter is a next-generation instant messaging tool. But how does it works on your clothing business? Here is simple guidelines and tips how to market your business on Twitter.

Before that, we assumed that you already have a T-shirt business, and Online Shop running as well. Seems everything is up, you have to follow Must-Do step before proceed with Twitter Marketing as an addition.

So here is simple step how to market your business on Twitter.

  1. Create Twitter account.If you don’t have an account yet, do sign up on Twitter. You should have your own branding name as your Twitter name. We assumed that you already have a business name and it’s should be still available for you to choose. If not, try to come up with something that comes close. If you are “MyFirstOnlineTee” around the web, but that’s already taken on Twitter, then try to use something like “MyFirstTee” or “MyOnlineTee.” You get the idea.
  2. Let everyone know you are on Twitter.

    You should have a decent social network going when you come to Twitter. Spread the news for clients, friends, contacts and colleagues that you are now available on Twitter. It’s not impossible to start from Twitter and work your way out from there but it will be more time consuming. Trust me, I did it that way and I would have saved myself a few weeks networking time if I started somewhere else.

  3. Recruit followers.

    Now you want to build up your list of followers. You have a few from your social networks (remember not all of your contacts from outside of Twitter will be using Twitter). Don’t despair. You can get followers from inside Twitter. Start by following as many people as you can who are in your industry or who work with your topic of interest. Do NOT follow everyone just because. That is not a strategy.

    Start by looking at the people in your industry or area of expertise who have a strong following. Go for trend research, lots of Twitter mash up contributing on Trend Searching. What do their followers want to hear about? What’s being re-tweeted? Are you following the leaders in your area? You should be? And you should be networking with these people around the Internet in places outside of Twitter!

  4. Ok, so you’re on Twitter. You’ve a got a base of followers. You’re following all the popular Twitter accounts in your industry. Now, you start to tweet! BUT – tweet about your clothing business, products and marketing. Think of Twitter the same way you would email. If you tweet about answering “What are you doing?” daily,  chances are you won’t be too successful on Twitter.

    Quality Tweets include quotes from leaders in your industry, re-tweets from experts in your field, tweets about your online shop, and the like. You should also tweet with updates on your business activities if you are very active in your field!

“We’re at a point where even though we’re only two years old, acquisitions are definitely possible” -Bizjournal.com