Get a chance to win £300 by simply submitting your photos for Cornish Traditional Cottages Photo Contest 2014!



How to Join

Simply visit the site at the link below, fill up the form and submit your photo. That’s it! You should’ve been entered. Follow these guidelines:

  • Use the maximum quality setting on your camera to have the best chance of your image being selected
  • Please keep digital manipulation such as cloning and compositing to a minimum; your photograph should faithfully represent the scene as you saw it. HDR images are unlikely to be accepted
  • Only photos deemed suitable for public viewing will be displayed. A shortlist of the best photos uploaded each month will be displayed on our Facebook page
  • You can enter a maximum of three images
  • Submit your photo via this website. For practical reasons the upload process will not accept images greater than 15MB.
  • Please ensure it is in JPEG format. CTC cannot be held responsible for problems associated with entry submission. Describe the view and location of the image briefly so we can verify it’s eligibility for the Competition

Promo Deadline

31 July 2015

More details at